Classifi™ Integrated eDiscovery, Information Governance & Infonomics

We use Integrated eDiscovery to unlock your Information Governance value and grow your business.

It’s a game-changer. Here’s what we do.

Radically Improved Information Governance with dilijint & Classifi™

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All-in-one Managed Review & eDiscovery Services

Standard Method:

Provider and review attorneys are siloed, costing more and taking longer

dilijint way:

Amlaw attorneys and IG/eDiscovery provider working together offering all-in-one services

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Enterprise Data Reduction

Standard Method:

Holding on to large amounts of redundant and obsolete data

Classifi™ way:

70% Cost reduction and enhanced data minimization


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Data and Matter Analytics

Standard Method:

Scattered data clouds make data discovery costly and difficult

Classifi™ way:


Saves clients valuable time and money through Enhanced Automated Data Mapping, Sensitive Data Discovery, and Data Re-Use potential

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Data Asset and Risk Profiling

Standard Method:

Struggle to manage risk data and monetize asset data

Classifi™ way:

Manages risky data through a multi-layered approach while uncovering asset data to generate new revenue streams

Learn more in our FAQ

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4 I can't find predictable pricing for both document review and technology hosting. Does that exist? +

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6 How do you increase the involvement of experienced lawyers while also promising lower eDiscovery costs? +

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9 It always seems that I am starting from scratch on every one of my reviews and cases. Can dilijint solve that problem for me? +

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Integrated eDiscovery

We created integrated eDiscovery to combine award-winning litigators, eDiscovery professionals, and Information Governance experts.  We utilize advanced legal methodologies to increase efficiency and decrease cost.