Attorney-led Innovation in eDiscovery

Imagine eDiscovery that merges technical expertise with legal expertise. And blends data’s hindsight with lawyers’ foresight.

It’s a game-changer. And here’s how we do it.

Radically Improved eDiscovery

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1 icon-predictability-1

Predictability of Total Cost

Old way:
No idea, but it’s a lot!

Dilijint way:
Fixed Fee for Review AND Hosting

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Just Right Privilege Filter

Old way:
Both under-inclusive & over-inclusive

Dilijint way:
Goldilocks Privilege Filter® (just right!)

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Blazing Review Speed

Old way:
Linear = 60 docs/hr

Dilijint way:
Dynamic Batching = 200+docs/hr

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+ Institutional Knowledge

Old way:
Every time from scratch = value loss

Dilijint way:
Customized instruction manual for you = efficiency and savings

Founder and Litigator

Mike Hilgers on how our eDiscovery process is radically different.

Learn more in our FAQ

1 Why is today's eDiscovery model failing to deliver sufficient value to the clients who pay huge amounts for it? +

2 What kind of real, practical impact will working with Dilijint have for my company? +

3 How does Dilijint's solution resolve the breakdowns in the traditional eDiscovery model? +

4 I can't find predictable pricing for both document review and technology hosting. Does that exist? +

5 What is wrong with having temporary attorneys do my document review? +

6 How do you increase the involvement of experienced lawyers while also promising lower eDiscovery costs? +

7 What is Continuous Case Assessment, and why is it a breakthrough in eDiscovery? +

8 What is the Goldilocks Privilege Filter? +

9 It always seems that I am starting from scratch on every one of my reviews and cases. Can Dilijint solve that problem for me? +

10 What is the benefit of a continued partnership with Dilijint, and what sets us apart from other eDiscovery firms? +

Discovery Counsel 3.0

We created Discovery Counsel 3.0 to combine expert attorneys, workflows and technologies, and industry best practices to help manage one of the highest cost, highest frustration aspects of complex litigation.